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Nombre Mes/Año Núm. Palabras claves S.T. T.M. Reg.
ar The Architectural Reviewjulio 19811013Burges and the Dilemma of Style; Meier at Frankfturt; Gook on WebbPP(720)ARC4826
ar The Architectural Reviewjunio, 19811012Special number; German Federal Republic; AR jewellery shop competitionPP(720)ARC4827
ar The Architectural Reviewfebrero, 19811008Roger Walker's New Zealand audacity; John Outram's Industrial ClassicismPP(720)ARC4828
ar The Architectural Reviewenero, 19811007Cathedral by Philip Johnson; priory by Michael BleePP(720)ARC4829
ar The Architectural Reviewenero, 1970875The continuing commnityPP(720)ARC4830
ar The Architectural Reviewmarzo, 19811009Ungers at Frankfrut; Hopkins´brewery; work of MakoweczPP(720)ARC4838
ar The Architectural Reviewmayo; 19811011Rogers´Coin Street and Lloyd´s Foster´s Hongkon Bank; Banham on Silicon ValleyPP(720)ARC4839
ar The Architectural ReviewABRIL, 19811010Jeddah renewal; Peter Cook on Pichler; Jahn in ChicagoPP(720)ARC4840
ar The Architectural Reviewoctubre, 1868860PP(720)ARC4841
ar The Architectural Reviewjulio, 1968857PP(720)ARC4842
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